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Manual Lymph Drainage

(MLD) is a gentle type of massage which is intended to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph. It can reduce water retention and swelling.


Foot massage that works on many levels, soothing, calming, balancing and boosting the entire body.

Trigger point therapy

Trigger points are areas of hyperirritability in the soft tissue structure causing acute pain. These trigger points can be deactivated by pressure the practitioner applies.

Sports massage

Sports massage is a contemporary form of massage that addresses the needs of athletes. It incorporates cross-fibre friction massage, deep-compression massage and trigger point therapy.

Child/Infant massage

Assists the physiological, emotional, and developmental well-being of the child.

Deep Tissue Massage

Focusses on realigning deeper layers of muscles. Its purpose is to unstick the fibres of the muscles and release both toxins and deeply held tension points.

Myofascial release

(MFR) is a gentle blend of stretching and massage. It uses hands-on manipulation of the entire body to promote healing, release of the fascia and pain relief.


Trager techniques are used to support and gently move your body within its pain-free range and natural rhythm.

Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy massage is the prenatal use of massage therapy to support the physiologic, structural, and emotional well-being of both mother and foetus. Please be aware, Pregnancy massage is not recommended before the 12th week of the pregnancy (start of 2nd trimester). However, it is proven to be safe and beneficial right up until full term.


Healing technique based on the principle to channel energy into the patient by means of touch in order to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and to restore physical and emotional well-being.

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30 minutes - A$ 55
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90 minutes - A$ 121

All massage times include a consultation period.

Please note cancelling with less than 24 hours notice will incur a 50% charge of the original consultation fee.

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